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ITINERARIUM of my work part 18/Analysis of the Subconsoious part 2

How can you manage events with the help of Analysis of the Subconscious?

The world and our psyche is divided into levels. This is even indicated by ancient esotericism. Our subconscious, as a psyche, is not homogenous. Everything that is created is not homogeneous, even the smallest atoms can be broken down into micro particles. Electrons are also on different levels. So in order to move to a new level, we need an activation energy. Activation energy doesn’t come from the outside world, it can’t come from space, but must come from the soul. The soul is the energy that activates those levels of the psyche that become magnets and that activate energetic bonds in the universe. They can form various coincidences. The soul should find its own aspirations to reach the level of the universe where what it really needs is found. The soul is a structure that preserves its history, it contains karmic memory. It retains many elements that create experiences, opportunities and energy that will be useful in the future. It is a huge conglomeration of different elements. These are the paths that the soul used to walk on.

If you decide to do the Analysis of the Subconscious, an analysis of the soul, you will rebuild and see its experience, of course some of its fragments. You can rebuild desires, see traumas. If you open a door that was closed, you can release additional energy that can help you rebuild your inner balance. Analysis of the Subconscious is a huge job that connects the soul to the mind. The mind is not always ready to let go of its patterns, change its point of view and part with what it is already used to. In the Analysis of the Subconscious you get several images in which the possibilities are closed. If you start working with these images, and it has to be deep and systematic work and if you create new frames of the film, you will reprogram yourself! You will discover new possibilities! The soul can’t be pressed, can’t be afraid, and you must have a dialogue with it.

The Analysis of the Subconscious will help to guide your spiritual intentions. If you have experienced a trauma in love in the past life, you will be afraid to enter into relationships in your present life, you will be afraid to trust your partner. The soul will enter this world without knowledge and without the ability to fulfill its desires, enter into relationships, accept love. It will be too sensitive. The same unpleasant experiences may occur. If the soul knows its way, it is easier for it to move around in the mazes of fate. It will fill up with new information faster, which means that you will change your space faster. You will be more aware of your limitations, you will move faster to a state where the soul connects to reason, creates unity. Reason will start to cast off the limitations.

Remember that the power of limitations is always enormous! The soul knows this because it has experienced a lot of traumatic situations that can be experienced. It looks a bit like meteopathic bone pain.

The Analysis of the Subconscious is a tool that pushes the soul to develop, that opens new paths for it, gives new possibilities, helps to avoid obstacles.

Create yourself again on the old stage! Direct a new film, experience it again. This film must be accepted, you must get your brain used to the new scene. Experience different situations anew, feel how you can overcome your limitations. The Analysis of the Subconscious will help you to rewrite the scenario of your life, and then your subconscious will find a way to what you need. But you will get results after a long time of work, be patient. This is a huge result, which is called a MIRACLE. Learn to create your own miracle with the help of the Analysis of the Subconscious.

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