The Rowan card is a symbol of femininity and anguish. This symbol contains the anxiety, the difficulties of a woman’s life. It’s the inability to manifest fully as we would like. The archetype of the woman in the Rowan is the archetype of the suffering woman who can only find herself in what is difficult and hard, where there is an opportunity to overcome difficulties by investing a great deal of energy.
By bringing her energy into the forecast, Rowan warns that if you want to achieve something, you will have to choose between great and small evils, not take the easy paths and not indulge in weaknesses.
The myth of the Rowan is of a mother who didn’t live to see her son return from war and sacrificed herself to always be there for him, in this other world. She asked the gods to turn her into a tree and she would protect those who asked for her help. She got to Eternal Life through sacrifice, meaning a part of her soul lives in every tree.

And so this month will also help those, who are able to invest in their soul what is important, and in doing so take their time, peace and comfort, and don’t look for easy ways.
Devote yourself to light! What is light? It’s an awareness of what is going on around you, where discipline should be applied and where your resources are. It’s what you devote your time to. Rowan will call for a renewed awareness of much of what is in your space.

The Rowan is a symbol of your Soul wanting to set out to find what it has lost in the past. So the energy of this month will occasionally take us back to the past, to activities and contacts, to see what we haven’t yet taken from there. We may miss the past, worry about it or long for it. The theme of Rowan is always one of choice, there are always two choices before man. This choice is offered by the Archetype itself, a quantum of energy that will attract side situations. Now we will all enter into a system of choice between the past and the future, and this is the first thing we have to choose. We may wonder whether to stay with the partner next door or choose a new one. Or maybe hold on through a job that has filled part of your life, or look for a new one that offers unexplored space and new opportunities. You need to be aware of what the energy offers you. The past is what you already know and the good and the bad will remain in place. It will please or annoy. The new will require energy of sacrifice, so are you ready to take the time, take the risk of the future, build much from the ground up. Are you ready for that?
Rowan is an opportunity to take a divorce from the past, but the question is, what can you get out of it? You can come out of it with huge losses, and you can also win something, everyone gets something different.

If a client in therapy pulls out a Rowan that holds an important place in his life, it means he is ready to move forward and it’s hard to stop him. It means that he has already made a decision within himself that it has to be this way.


The second choice that Rowan offers is the choice between what the soul wants and what the outside world demands. The demands of the outside world may not be our demands. Our soul may be pulling in the opposite direction and you may not be able to immediately understand why our mood is not good, why things are not going the way we would like. And this means that you need to heal your soul, to turn to its voice. If we can find a common language with our Soul, many obstacles will disappear from our path.

The Rowan Tree contains tragedy, but through sacrifice we can come out of this tragedy if we firmly believe that our energy is needed elsewhere, that this energy will be useful and help someone else rise higher. Let’s consider what we are able to sacrifice this month.

On March 20, we celebrate the sunny holiday of Nowruz. Those who draw with us can come to participate in the birth of a new archetype. Which archetype? You will choose when you take the test: it can be the archetype of the Angel, the Healer or the Sage, etc. The birth of an Archetype is the birth of a new trait of your character. Maybe you want to become someone else, but you are not brave enough to reach for it? You can reach for this new energy.


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