In this article you will receive a brief description of the First Position, which is called the MIRROR NUMBER. The Mirror Number reflects distinct programs that create circumstances and actively intervene in life. These programs represent unfinished business that began in the past. They are firmly rooted in the subconscious mind and are often natural, habitual tools for one behavior.

We calculate the position of the Mirror Number as follows:

Day of Birthday + Day of Birthday example: 12.7.1980 / 12 + 12 = 24

2 + 4 = 6 – Mirror Number

Mirror Number One

This number indicates that the person has promised something in the past, to people or to God, when seeking salvation. She committed a crime, repented or made a vow to someone. She didn’t have time to do what she wanted to do and now fulfilling that promise is a subconscious program. It’s the unsettled issues that will determine a person’s behavior and their degree of “contentment” with life.

Transformation: a vow or promise to be fulfilled.

Mirror Number Two

The soul began to learn what seemed forbidden. Having traveled a difficult path, this person began to seek what the spiritual path led to. Perhaps the person began to heal or teach. The astral field is very sensitive and this can make such a person wary. Lots of anxiety and frustration.

Transformation: learn to use your knowledge and serve yourself and others.

Mirror Number Three

This person has seen something amazing in the past, touched some important secret that surprised her and perhaps changed her way of thinking. Now this person lives and acts according to the truth she has learned, but sometimes it makes her too fanatical in her actions. Sometimes it seems that such a person lives only between black and white.

Transformation: working on the character’s flexibility and expanding consciousness, looking at more angles.

Mirror Number Four

The person has participated in a ritual or performance of some tradition. She has good intuition, and her word can have power when making wishes. But the karma bears the seal of a curse, an alien program that tells you to either walk in circles or plunge your life into chaos.

Transformation: forgiveness, expansion of consciousness through forgiveness of wrongdoings, development of softness and warmth toward those around you, as well as gratitude.

Mirror Number Five

It indicates that the person has, on the one hand, developed great power through rituals and belief in God, and on the other hand, wished harm on someone. Often, this number also indicates that the persons either tried to turn into an animal or dealt with necro-energy in a previous life. Also, this aspect indicates that the person was a victim or involved in rape (other aspects of the numerological portrait will indicate this). All of these programs cause tension, a desire to be alone, and a difficult search for a partner.

Transformation: forgiveness, development of absolute love for surrounding people and partner, creativity as creating new forms.

Mirror Number Six

Limitations. This man lived by fear or indifference. He didn’t help because he was afraid. This may bring childhood illness, difficulty in communication, and lack of success in what was started. It seems that fate is indifferent to this man.

Transformation: helping others, helping impersonally (with no expectation of gratitude), developing self-confidence, trying new things and being able to enjoy even small things.

Mirror Number Seven

Such a person puts psychological pressure on the other person, manipulates her, and tries to subjugate her. Now he may find himself in difficult situations. Get partners with whom it’s difficult to communicate, who want to dominate or who will play by their own rules. Often these will be people who will try to put the man with Mirror Number Seven in a subordinate position.

Transformation: developing independence, ability to work, control emotions, learning to explain your own and your partner’s behavior.

Mirror Number Eight

Often this number indicates a person who has either been a shaman herself in the past or has experienced magical powers, but in both cases has fallen victim to disbelief, even that which was so obvious. This person betrayed some power from another world. Subconsciously, she thought she was perfect and infallible. These individuals are more likely to have mental disorders and difficulties in building their destiny.

Transformation: development of modesty, obedience to destiny. The ability to wait patiently when circumstances play by their own rules.

Mirror Number Nine

This person has a history of being cold in relationships. She often committed frivolous acts and didn’t consider her loved ones, fending them off.

Transformation: starting a family, helping others and living without judgment.


These programs can explain some of man’s problems. Awareness will help correct a person’s behavior and independently correct fate. Karma is a complex of subconscious programs, so if we begin to look at life more deeply and understand it, or what it presents to us, we can help both ourselves and our loved ones overcome themselves! This is the most important victory. Of course, these descriptions are too short to be called absolute. However, this numerological classification helps to see a lot. Start working on yourself!


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