The rune that discovers and reveals the situations of the outside world is Ehwaz. This month we need to measure our own merit. That is, this whole month will show us how much respect we have developed in ourselves, what we can respect in ourselves. Let’s learn to work with others to change something important within ourselves.  Let’s continue what we are doing. Let’s learn from our mistakes and experiences. Let’s observe others to understand their behavior and show ourselves. Let’s learn to make an internal connection between people and our own actions. If you have a business that is important to you, burn with its energy. You can create a harmonious relationship with what you have to live with for a long time. Learn to find a balance between giving and taking. The most important thing during this period is not to lose yourself, not to let someone else absorb you.  Don’t allow your energy to stagnate, to a state of stillness, to a state of “I don’t care”. This will lead to inner chaos, monotony and the feeling that we have never been able to answer the question, „who am I?”


Slavic rune that shows what can be in your microcosm – Perun. It is a tremendous force that can shake us all. It can turn our perspective away from what we already know or are used to.  If there is too much tension, you have to be very careful, because then destructive circumstances can arise. Perun appears when we have to change all the foundations on which we stand. When we have to change everything that seemed so familiar, clear and peaceful. It is the ability to see opposites and find the middle ground between them. Perun ends and Perun begins, meaning there is destruction, but it will be followed by construction. We may experience inner crises this month, which can help us to re-examine many situations within ourselves. We will rediscover ourselves.


Celtic Ogham is Spruce – it is interesting to note that Spruce is the tree of the Slavic Veles. This tree stands for achievement. You can achieve your goals if you prioritize them correctly. Changes will come if you are willing to make internal changes, for example, you want to become rich, but some internal programs prevent you from becoming rich, or you hide wealth from yourself in your shadow. You need to make changes in order to become rich. Spruce is the activity of one archetype, the inner thinker, who can bring you to the surface and help you win the inner battle of extremes. Activity and faith allow you to work hard to get to what you want. We will all have the power to change our inner purpose and start doing things again, to put new energy into new projects and to open ourselves to the new power that is just beginning to awaken.


Elven rune Darrat. This rune was not yet in our forecasts. Now the rune shows us the way to fight. We can start fighting with what we disagree with and with what has become irrelevant. Let’s start with ourselves, with what we need to change and what war we need to declare on ourselves.  Let’s not start a war with the outside world because it will end in misunderstanding. The war with the outside world may drag on longer than we think. This rune advises us to make our own tactics. Let’s look for new ways to deal with adversity. Let’s look for ways to change life scenarios we don’t want, let’s look for ourselves, for inner possibilities. If we don’t open ourselves to the inner search, inner surrender will occur and we will live in this for a long time. We will live in what destiny will impose on us. The air smells of war, so let’s not wait for war to come to our home, let’s declare it on ourselves, our inner qualities and patterns.


The Icelandic rune of our shadow can tell us what will be hidden from our eyes and what we should bring to the surface – Stunginn Iss. It is an inner state in which we can detach ourselves from our own success. We ourselves can block our way to what we desire. This is the time when inner curses can surface, such as maybe in a previous life you didn’t want to live or in this life you kept repeating that you didn’t want to live. These curses can begin to germinate in our lives. Our energy may become blocked and we may not do anything important or achieve our goals. It can also be inner anxiety and fear of making decisions. Many unresolved issues will stand as a wall between us and the world. If we want to find out why this is happening in our lives, let’s open up to our inner archetypes.

I encourage you to do an analysis of “Eleven Women in My Soul” or “Eleven Men in My Soul.”



Fate have in store for you?


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