The Scandinavian rune, which shows the energy of the outside world is Teiwaz. It is a rune of fast and decisive energies, the Universe is pulling us away from the past in great steps.  Try to change your position if you feel uncomfortable. This rune teaches you to be honest and true to yourself. It warns you that your plans can change quickly and abruptly, or they can stop. If you have planned and collected something, now is a good time to put it into practice. The energy of this rune helps those who have realized their mistakes and want to work on themselves. Those who have understood that they must live differently. Teiwaz warns that you have to bring something new into your life, you have to give up something first. Focus and act. If you are serious about your goals, you will find a way to move forward. Rune advises you to free your creative energy from internal tension and do nothing mechanically. Don’t live by old standards. You can control your own destiny.

A Slavic rune that reveals the inner connections of our micro-space, the space we know well.

The rune Circle. This rune shows the change of relationships, decisions. Energy will be restructured. The Universe will remember you if you open up to it. You’ll finally have to start developing.  You can use the energy that heaven offers you. To win, you have to rely on the help and energy of your ancestors. Try to connect people around you, not separate them. This rune advises you to trust the Universe and understand that it knows better what is good for you, so abandon your fears. Start to act, create, improve your space. Start to help your loved ones, listen to their desires. You can strengthen your inner magical power, so don’t turn your back on your intuition. Fill yourself with strength and knowledge, because the time will come when you need it.

Ogham shows internal potentials. It shows what we’ll do with them.

Rune Thorn. Thorn is a plant that requires maximum patience. It’s not worth doing much to get what you want. The transformation of the inner world will meet with pain or inner resistance. The inner energy will have to be distributed correctly. The inner world may not be supportive, so don’t try to solve your own inhibitions, but get advice from specialist. This time is for deep inner transformation. It is time to meet face-to-face with difficulties that you may not have considered. Only in a thorough understanding of yourself, your inner motivations, can you discover new sources of energy. The actions you start with can be a constant confrontation with your inner world.

Elven runes describe the mysticism that is around us. They talk about energies that are connected with the astral world.

Sarah’Thai. This rune is called Rune of the World Dragon. The World of Dragons says that now, in our deep world of mysticism, the energies of mother and father will be combined.  It is time to look at the mother through the eyes of your father and vice versa. If there are conflicts, negative emotions between them, it will be difficult for you to go on. If you stand between mother and father, your inner child will find many answers to different questions. You will get rid of those programs and energy that adults have put on you through their behavior. This is a transition through deep, inner initiation. It is acceptance of yourself as an adult. Experience the path of the father and the path of the mother, accept the parents within yourself, and then you will be cleared of the traps of an immature child. The Dragon World will accept war. Rune tells us that taking someone else’s energy off, helps to free yourself from somatic problems, from tension. It is a way to heal yourself.

The Icelandic rune reveals our shadow.

Rune Kaun. Look for the causes of your illnesses in the female channel, in the female family programs or in individual female incarnations. The tension that is associated with these programs can cause problems in the body. If you create a conflict or blame someone for no reason, your energy in this shadow will create tension, and then you will not know where the illness came from. Don’t face anyone with force, but do your job. Don’t judge, don’t try to break through someone’s wall. Every negative word can be a burden on your female energy.

We offer you to take part in the therapy “Bless your destiny” in which you can use not only energy of your family. You can use the energy of the Great Saviors, which will protect you in times of change.

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