Starting January 30, Mercury begins its reverse motion, retrograde. It will remain in it until February 21. The difficulty is that we will want to live through this time in the same mode as before, but this will prove impossible. We must slow down, endure or stay. During this period we will be shown what we lack, what we still have to learn. If we are stubborn in our moods, our teachers will be harsh, and we will not feel right. We will think that Heaven is intentionally sending us obstacles to make us feel worse. And the obstacles will come so that we become better and learn something new. This time will make us rethink our plans for what we have been demanding. Also, we can revisit people who were important to us or were our friends for a period of time. We can think or remember those who have always helped us.

If we thought something was lost and we would never get it back, now is the time that something will happen and make getting it back possible. The door of the past will open and we may feel the same emotions or the same feelings we had in the past. There may be a feeling of déjà vu during this period, indicating that moment still lives on in our Fate. We may find ourselves in a new place that seems familiar or someone says a meaningful phrase.

This year Mercury will draw power to the Air element, taking it away from the Earth element, and we all will have to go back to learning what we put off and didn’t want to know. We will have to accept our friends for who they are, even if we don’t like something. The word friend should be very much ingrained in us because if we erode trust, Fate will show us sternly. Mercury will bring together what is considered incompatible. He will put in our way those who have influenced us or with whom we have not finished some discussions and force us to come to an agreement again. Let’s not be surprised if we suddenly feel something for a classmate we have long forgotten. However, feelings can appear with new vigor and passion, and last for some time. The most important thing is not to get carried away with your feelings right away, because they may be false, they come from the past, so you may actually see that person in a different light and your soul will stop missing them. During this period, all sorts of your inner archetypes may awaken and if their energy is not controlled, you may fall in love with the person, giving them your own character traits. Only later will you realize that this is not the person you want to live your entire life with. Let’s be careful, because now the past can dictate its own terms.

During this period we should not waste energy, but accumulate it, because in March with all this energy we will be able to imbue new ideas or projects. We need this time to work through our mistakes, to let go of everything we don’t need, to rethink our views on life, to distribute our energy differently. Ideas may be born that will be understood not by contemporaries but by posterity. People will be afraid to express intimate emotions because they will worry about whether their feelings will be understood. Someone may act strangely and not explain their behavior.

Usually when people come to me for therapy, the past itself becomes very telling during this period because all sorts of insights, perceptions, and reprogramming of situations happen in an instant.
We are all immersed in matter, in search of a better place and material comfort, and Mercury, when it goes into retrograde, shakes off that shell and tension, and turns us toward our souls. This is the only way to saturate ourselves with spirituality, to return to the source, to close the door behind those weighty emotions again.
We must live through this period and finish our affairs as quickly as possible. Let us not think long about what will come to us from the past. And this speed will force us to balance, to take stock in many ways. It will force us to not be afraid to admit to ourselves our foolishness and mistakes. As we live through this period, we will not yet have a clear picture of our future. We will be stuck in this period and will not know what to do with ourselves, with our destiny. If we don’t work on our mistakes, if we continue to stand on our own and accept only our perfection, new energy will not come. We will drift further and further into the gray. Everything will drag on and we will start running in circles. There will be a shadow of meaninglessness in relationships, and happiness will be with someone else, not with us. 
We can all be trapped by our anxieties, by the fear of ending something, of telling the truth about what hurts us, of admitting defeat, of seeing the future in a different light. The only way out is to bury the fear. We will communicate with each other through the prism of fear, even our intonation may betray our fear. Someone will turn on the internal defense systems of the psyche and dismiss the inner fear with seriousness or indifference, but it will be even worse! Failure to recognize what we carry inside will create an intense inflammatory ground, and then it will explode and take possession of us.

Mercury in Aquarius encourages us to verbalize what ails us. Imagine that you have a toothache and you need to go to the dentist to get it treated so you don’t get tormented anymore. One should not think about it for too long and just do it!
This is a task for all of us who are entering this period. Let us not be afraid to live in emptiness, in our inner emptiness! Of course that emptiness will fill, it won’t take long, but make room for it. And then you will get something important, admittedly not now, not in the winter, but certainly this year.

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I am happy to invite you to a meeting in February. We will help recharge you with strength, recharge your batteries for the Year of the White Ox. You will go through interesting therapies that will help you get back on your feet, model each month and lay the foundation for your Happiness.

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