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Many people ask us, “what kind of analysis can I order?” or “what kind of analysis will help solve my problem?”, therefore, I would like to present all consultations in the form of a TREE.

A tree is a very interesting symbol, that can explain a lot. I will also try to present a diagram and classification of what can help you in your self-development, in solving some problems, because our activity is like a TREE.

Emma Lange Analyses


This part of the TREE is an Ancestral Analysis, which is available in two options. The first option is a simplified version that can tell a lot, with energy flowing through your personality. Thanks to it, you will be able to understand what possibilities you have, where to look for them, and how to maneuver in the energies provided by your DNA. The second option is extended. You get an analysis of the many Archetypes that are at your root as useful or less useful energy. Roots are your resource, your foundation. This is the energy that saturates your cells. It is a chance to fight the crisis, understand your potential. You can touch, thanks to this, family information. This is your free energy and at the same time energy that can create tension. It is best to order the Ancestral Analysis when you are familiar with the Analysis of the Subconscious. Only then do all the puzzles converge and you begin to understand what inner potential you have. Thanks to this, you will be able to eliminate negative ancestral tension. You will find an ancestral community that will help maintain and strengthen the positive sides. It will help to create a favorable environment, a positive field when you yourself do not have the energy to maintain the Life Forces.


This part of the TREE is an Individual Analysis that is a must. Think that the only person you have never known or seen is YOU. You can look in the mirror, look for the image in the water, in the polished surface, but you still will not know what you look like. You will always look for yourself, so start with yourself, discover yourself, your abilities. Each Individual Analysis is very interesting, there is a handwritten work, all math calculations are handwritten, all number interactions are hand-checked. There are also analyzes that reveal the path of the development of the Soul, in which you can see the potential, the revelation of various sides of the personality resources. Individual Analysis helps you navigate between archetypes. If you learn to work with them, you will understand that you can turn on and off the operation of certain archetypes that will help or hinder a specific situation. You start working with your own information system. So, always start with yourself!

There is another kind of Individual Analysis, which I call ancient, archaic, and that is the Celtic Cross. In this analysis we can find deep psychological trends that help us to know our deep energies. They help to understand where the reaction to specific situations comes from. When you work with your inner energies, your life takes the form you want, not the one given to you by the Powers of Chaos.


This includes the areas of life you want to heal, it can be business, it can be personal relationships, it can be health. These are mental, negative blocks that the psyche tries to deal with, but does not work alone. Partnership Analysis, it is a calculation of the position of one person as well as the calculation of the position of another one. Then these items/energies are combined/compared to each other. This is very complex and time consuming work that I have to do to understand the potential of the couple. There is also a consultation of Health Scan (order via e-mail: The customer receives a set of many aspects that relate to his health, from the state of the information field to the state of the physical field. They receive many tips and recommendations.

In the branches of the TREE OF ACTIVITY there are therapies and transformational games that help to heal or understand a specific situation, problem or circumstance. From my experience I know that it is best to work and treat the person who comes with the Analysis of the Subconscious. It is easier to understand then what archetype communicates with me, how it develops and how I should deal with it so as not to put pressure on its painful points. If someone works only from the BRANCH position, then there he has many questions:

> “How does it work?”

> “Why is this happening?”

> “Can I do this or not?”

Of course, then it’s harder to look for answers. But when (even after two years) a client who has gotten to know himself (ROOTS AND TRUNK) comes, then the therapy is easier, I gain insight faster and immediately establish an inner connection. I understand immediately with what potential this person has come. Thanks to this, I get straight to the point, my advice is accurate, such a therapy works like a nano tablet that does not affect other organs. IN THE BRANCHES of my tree there is an Angelic Horoscope analysis that helps (those who work with it) recharge themselves with energy in a timely manner, always connecting to the source. It is an excellent therapy for those who work and come into contact with internal energy.


Mission Analysis is a fruit that you will receive only when the soul stops fighting the mind. Mission Analysis is an inner stream that brings you into the ocean of meanings. There are people who know their abilities since childhood (from birth), but when they reach for the fruit, they wonder why they cannot eat it? Suddenly, a surprise situation arises that they did not take into account. Mission Analysis helps you realize that you are ready to step into your future, open new gates for yourself, and change your life. Mission is readiness! You can reach for an unripe fruit and find it inedible, then throw it away. But in fact, you were late or not working out a strategy, you did not let something important see. The Mission is a Star that, like you, lights up, you see it, but to touch it, you have to meet several conditions. To understand its meaning, it is necessary to remove the limitations. For some, the mission is an exotic fruit, and for others, a favorite work that they love. When someone orders a Mission Analysis and then rejects it, because he believes it’s not for him, I always suggest that you try to understand yourself! Perhaps your brain is saying, that this is not for you, because you haven’t yet developed a network of neurons that can accept transistors as information.

This is my job…This is how I see understanding and knowing myself! THE TREE has always been the source and symbol of cognition. If the world is represented by THE TREE, you can always find opportunities, develop creative strategies, define for yourself those branches you have to go through several times to understand what they are talking about and how they resonate with the Soul. I always emphasize that my work includes mathematics, psychology, my knowledge of biology and chemistry. The quarantine has helped to open online courses. I study quantum chemistry, and this is an interesting science that deals with those techniques that are subject to other laws. I like learning, creating new branches of my inner meaning. To learn is to change myself, my world.

All this takes place in the field of God’s Creation, and this means that you have to treat your inner capacities with grace. With gratitude to realize one’s personal potential, to look for the meaning of one’s future, to regain possible spheres of one’s life. And above all, to live in harmony with the Energies of Creation.

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