The plant, as my students already know, sometimes shows that you need to gather your inner strength and start doing something important for yourself. A solution must be found, a creative occupation. Find something that may not bring you confidence in the future, but will only help you finish all things and enjoy your life. The plant is a message from the Giant, who died, and his wife cried and cried … And so a plant grew, which encourages us not to lose hope.

It is the archetype of the Hero who goes to his last extremes or fights for what is important to him. It is the realization of inner potential. If we work with Meta Cards in therapy and the client chooses this card, he either has hope that things can change or he just wants to win. He has strength, remnants of hope and resources, but lacks only one thing, to shift his gaze from his problem to something else, to some important point that can become a lifeline. Moreover, if the client chooses this card, he sees his problem. He outlines the field of this problem very clearly and plainly, and there is hope in his soul that this will be solved. This is the power of inner feeling, the ability to anticipate situations through the open channel of intuition and the body.

The plant shows that the time for change has come, and now all that remains is to gather the inner potential and invest it accordingly.
The period that the client is going through is not the easiest one, perhaps it costs him a lot of nerves. However, he has a desire to understand the cause of what is currently in his life. He wants concrete solutions. This person wants something new!

The forecast for February that is contained in the symbolism of this card indicates that we all want something new in our lives. The desire to get out of the cage and out of our inner limitations may come. If something new, an idea or contact is on the horizon, we will enter into it more easily. The same tendency will exist in each of us when we are affected by the time marked by this symbol. Meta Card – The Plant predicts the need to reformulate, to change our inner emotional state. Let us make changes and finish what needs to be finished. Let’s accept the challenge of fate, let’s do something transformative for ourselves. This will get dead projects out of the way and attract change into our lives. People will take opposition badly and if opinions don’t align, sparks may be sprinkled. Life may bring worries, but through those worries there will be an impetus for growth. We will all appreciate the original, the new, and learn to value our own and others’ time. This card calls us all to be organized and disciplined. Life will come at us with all its violence, but it is our discipline that will help us find the right response. There will be a tendency to intellectualize around the world now, this can bring tension as feelings, emotions and related needs can be relegated to the background. This condition can cause overload, anxiety and panic. So you need to reset yourself and find ways to release your inner feelings. Course Meta Cards and Hero’s Journey – in March, the third part of the course! If you abandon your intention, what will Fate have in store for you?


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