As we say goodbye to winter, we are moving into new energies, and this forecast will aim to point out or signal where our imperfections are hiding, where we can still fix something, understand something, or regroup our energy.

The Scandinavian rune that symbolizes the outside world is Mannaz. It’s a creative power that can take us to another level. It’s an opportunity to understand who you really are and how you need to relate to yourself, to your needs. To understand what your priorities are and what your value is.
All of these questions will need to be answered, you can spend the entire month of March searching for these answers. Mannaz wants order, because the world always has one, and by knowing ourselves and our needs we can build order in the world and find our place.Right now you need to be as honest with yourself as possible. Even if you are ashamed to admit something or think you will be judged, you need to tell yourself who you are. If you don’t answer, you will be searching for your mission for a long time. You will constantly try relationships with people, enter into strange alliances, try different situations, just because you still don’t know who you really are. The outside world will give these situations so that you can finally answer the question.

The Slavic rune that defines your microcosm is Bereginia. This means that in your microcosm everyone can manifest their nature. You will be able to see how and who is close to you. Makosh, the Goddess of Destiny herself will weave our destiny, so we will save this month and move on. For example, if you accumulate anger, you will be bound to it. Makosh is the Great Mother who will not leave her children helpless, so if you hurt someone, there could be dire consequences. Now your Destiny may become a mere thread or get tangled in a knot that will be difficult to untangle. This month we will make it inevitable. Makosh has two helpers – Destiny and Misery. One will open the door to success and the other to difficulty. Which door will you enter through?

The Celtic Ogham shows an internal restructuring that will affect us very personally. The tree of this month is Yew. When Yew appears, we know that global change is coming. Changes are happening in our inner worlds. We are closing or need to close doors that are important to us. Without closing them we will not be able to pass through the portal. The energy of this time can be difficult and we need to stop whining, worrying, showing resistance. Listen to the advice of authority figures when applying the brakes. If you start any projects this month, they will live for a very, very long time. If you start any health treatment this month, it will definitely prolong your life. Learn to be a friend and cooperate. Express less resentment towards others and then you will definitely get something valuable and important. You will move into a new cycle that will help you become someone greater than you are today.


The Elven rune that leads to the archetypes of magic is Hara’Thoi. It calls us to awaken our inner source. Time will watch over us and after all the necessary tasks are completed, each of us will receive some important gift. Just remember that in fairy tales, someone gets riches and someone else gets an empty chest. Each gift is a reflection or symbol of what our soul is or is not ready for. In addition, this rune is a symbol of process and advises to act and not to expect results, because the result will come unexpectedly. How much energy you put into something is how much you will get!


The Icelandic rune that reminds us of our Shadow is the rune Yur. It’s a separation. The Shadow will be active in our society. This is the kind of rune that will divide society, and it will do so without our knowledge. It will divide into those who recognize authority and those who don’t, who will continue to run away from science or authority. It will divide into those who recognize life and those who will pursue death. Into those who will know all about Love and those who don’t. Yur is the rune of focus, so give it meaning and it will immediately divide it into two parts. It will be difficult to negotiate with this opposite side. It’s the shadow of our society. And everything is created for it. Everything is made so that man can answer the question, „who am I?”


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